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The biggest stock of rubber conveyor belts in the region

NS COPEX doo, was founded in 2000. as a company for domestic and foreign trade, production and services in the field of rubber conveyor belts and rubber products.
At the beginning of 2003, NS COPEX doo established business cooperation with the renowned manufacturer of rubber conveyor belts from Poland, FTT WOLBROM, of which it is an authorized representative.
2009 NS COPEX Ltd. began construction of a new production and office building in Krusedol, measuring 600 m2.
Today NS COPEX doo employs 15 workers, of which 5 certified vulcanizers, 5 auxiliary workers and 5 administration workers. We have the largest stock of rubber conveyor belts in the region, as well as a vehicle fleet, so that we can meet the potential buyer of goods or services at any time.
In 2012, NS COPEX doo introduced the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system.
Decades of work, learning and investment are behind us.
If you have any questions, call our professional service, which is available to you 24 hours a day and is ready to offer the best possible solution. Contact us so that you would be as satisfied as our many customers.



  • Large selection of different types of rubber conveyor belts.
  • Tires in rolls of different thicknesses, patterns and qualities.
  • Unvulcanized rubber for connecting conveyor belts


Our vulcanization team has the appropriate certificates, which they acquired through training in Poland (FTT WOLBROM-SERVICE TEAM).


We have rubber presses of various sizes, as well as complete equipment for the preparation of rubber raw materials. A large number of various tools and the possibility of making new tools based on drawings or patterns.

Reduce production costs

The very development and modernization of the industry is related to transport systems. The amount of material that is transported is large and that is why the problem of transport should be solved as efficiently as possible, which aims to reduce production costs, as well as better results in the business itself.



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